How can you stretch your penis with your hands at home?

Many men are unhappy with the size of their genitals. For some of them, the small size of the phallus is a serious problem that prevents them from living. Because of this, they become insecure and have problems with self-esteem. To eliminate such clusters, you need to learn how to enlarge the penis with your hands and what is used for it.

Normal size

Before enlarging the penis, you need to deal with the normal dimensions of the penis. It is quite difficult to determine the exact value of length and width, as it depends on the weight of the man and the structural characteristics of his body.

However, there are still some definitions of the rule in which it is not necessary to lengthen the penis. It is possible not to enlarge the phallus if its length exceeds eight centimeters. If the organ is less than 7-8 cm in erection, then lengthening is necessary.

They also lengthen masculinity if it is shorter than average. When determining the average length and thickness, the breed of the male is taken into account. In Caucasians, the average penis is 13–15 cm long and about 3–5 cm in diameter. In older men, the average size decreases by 1-2 cm, as blood flow to the organ decreases over time.

Is it realistic to grow?

Many are wondering if it is possible to enlarge a member of the house yourself and change the dimensions of the male genitalia. It is no secret that the member is an instrument with increased sensitivity to external influences. Scientists have shown that by regularly satisfying sexual needs with small-diameter devices, the size of the organ is reduced by one and a half times.

men with enlarged cocks

From this we can conclude that the length and width of the penis changes and therefore can increase. However, is it necessary to do so? This is a completely different question, to which each man answers independently.

Extension methods

If a clear decision has been made to lengthen the phallus, you should become familiar with how this is done. There are some common methods that men use the most.


The oldest method of lengthening the male genitals is jelqing. This technique was actively used by the people of Africa, Egypt and India. Some people call this exercise "milking" because of the way the hands move during the massage. The technique has a manual effect, which is especially effective when changing the dimensions of manhood. The effect of jelqing is achieved by improving blood flow to the organ. Exercise also helps to expand the cavernous bodies, which are responsible for size. If you use this method regularly, the result will be visible in 1-2 months.

Before you start jelqing, you should get acquainted with the peculiarities of its application. This will help you do it right and achieve the best possible result. During the procedure, the erection is closely monitored. The instrument must not be completely disturbed. As long as you bring it to 50-70% of the erection.

There are two basic methods of jelqing that will maximize the effect and increase the reproductive organ.

First exercise

This technique is considered the most common among other jelqing exercises. Before proceeding to lengthen the instrument with your hands, preheat. This is done to improve the elasticity of the skin and stretch it better. To warm the skin, the cereal or salt is heated in a hot pan. The heated ingredients are then poured into a paper bag and applied to the penis. The warm-up is carried out on all sides so that there are no cold areas.

After warming up, the penis is brought to a partial erection and treated with cream or special lubricant. After that, the member at the base is tightened with the right hand. When performing the massage, the fingers move slowly towards the head and pull the phallus forward. The procedure is repeated 20-30 times a day.

Jelqing ring for penis enlargement

Second exercise

This exercise is also often used when stretching the phallus with jelqing. The main difference from the previous exercise is that it is performed with the whole hand, not just with the fingers. When performing the procedure, the instrument is wrapped in a palm at the base and compressed for 10-20 seconds. Sometimes the penis does not fit in one hand and this makes the exercise more difficult. In this case, the second palm is additionally used to fully grasp the instrument.

During compression, the penis is gently pulled in different directions. Do not do it too hard so as not to damage anything. If performed correctly, the phallus will lengthen by two centimeters in 15-20 days.


Many people use such a common method as massage to enlarge their penis at home. The main advantages of this method are the availability and the ability to do it yourself. The advantages also include the fact that with the help of massage not only the dimensions of the genital organ are increased, but also the strength is improved.

A positive result can only be achieved if the exercise is performed correctly. Therefore, before the massage, they should study all the nuances of its application. Before the procedure, a special warm-up of the penis is performed. To do this, a small piece of paper is moistened in boiling hot water, after which the penis is wrapped in a soaked cloth. Using this method, the skin is heated for 10-15 minutes. This will make the skin more elastic and will improve the effect of the massage.

There are two basic types of massage - upright and relaxed. It is recommended to use the first method as it is more effective. During the procedure, the penis is brought to a full erection, after which its base is wrapped around the thumb and forefinger. With careful movements, the skin is pulled forward with the fingers out of the head.

This exercise is done 5-6 times until the first painful sensations appear. When pain occurs, the massage is stopped and there is a break of five minutes.

Load application

Another popular method that men often use when lengthening their manhood is to hang a load. This method is the most dangerous, as some people are seriously injured when using it. Therefore, before using weights, it is best to understand how to properly lengthen the instrument in this way.

hanging weight for penis enlargement

The effectiveness of genital growth with load is due to the effect on the corpus cavernosum and ligaments. By stretching them, the length of the phallus will increase by 2-3 cm.

Before hanging any weight on the penis, be sure to warm it with a massage. To do this, gently rub the skin with a palm or a damp towel. Then you can start hanging the weights. Adhesive retaining plaster is first applied to the head to secure the lace. After that, a small weight is tied to the end of the suspension cord.

The first procedure takes only 10-25 minutes. Gradually, the duration of the exercise increases to one hour. When performing the exercise, you should pay attention to the head. If it is numb, the process is stopped immediately.


Not all guys want to spend time doing exercises and hanging a bird. Therefore, they use special stretching devices that help to lengthen the penis by 3-5 cm. Extensions are especially popular among such devices. With this, you can lengthen the genitalia and correct its irregular shape.

Using the dilator regularly, the skin on the phallus is stretched due to tissue expansion. The result of using the extension remains forever. Therefore, it is not necessary to use it only before contact. Different extension models are available per member. Loop devices are considered the cheapest.

However, you should not use them as they are uncomfortable and ineffective. Better to prefer belt or vacuum models.

water pump

Another commonly used expansion device is the vacuum pump. This device, which looks like a normal pump, is used not only to change the size of the phallus, but also to restore sexual desire in men with impotence. During operation, a vacuum pump creates a vacuum space around the instrument, thus activating blood flow to it and increasing libido.

To properly perform the pull with a pump, you need to become familiar with the nuances of using this device. Before activating the pump, the penis is treated with a moisturizer. This will make it easier to mount the instrument on the pump cylinder. When the instrument is placed in it, all the air is pumped out of the container and the pressure in the penis increases. When performing the procedure, be sure to monitor the pressure gauge to adjust the pressure level independently.

The effect of using the pump is temporary and therefore the penis is enlarged using this method only before sex. For a long-term effect, you should use this device along with jelqing or massage.

Ointments and creams

The safest way to lengthen the genitals is to use special creams, ointments and other medications that help to stretch it. Some doctors question the effectiveness of these drugs, as many of them have a weak and short-term effect.

If it is necessary to lengthen the penis by 2-3 hours, the use of short-acting creams is recommended. They are applied to the genitals half an hour before sex. The composition of such ointments and creams contains trace elements that can temporarily improve blood flow and enhance erection.

To lengthen your penis for a long time, you need to buy more expensive drugs with a long-term effect. Used daily for three weeks.

Only after prolonged use will a positive result be felt.


The problem of genital enlargement worries most men. Many guys do not know how to stretch a bird to increase its size. To understand this, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic methods and means for penis enlargement at home.