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The goal Maxisize

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Cream Maxisize at the trial may be ordered on the official web-site, at a lower cost. If you would like to buy cream for penis enlargement in the Department of {45€ a} to confirm the order and arrange a delivery at your address, leave the online application form.

How to get to the goods

Include your name and phone number. Verify the phone number by the time of the call Manager and the company itself). You can get the delivery from the courier or pick up at the post office.

How to buy in Maribor Maxisize

Cream for penis enlargement, MaxiSize – the author has a unique formula was developed by urologists. This allows you to increase the member up to 4-6 cm in the length of the safe, natural way. The advantages of the product:

  • you do not need to take pills, do surgery on the penis;
  • the composition is safe for human health;
  • the complex action – the size, the shape, the severity;
  • the size increase is guaranteed in the course of the first month;
  • the result is an extended.

The main active ingredients – elastin, hydrolyzed amino acids, protein, triethanolamine (chemical compounds does not exist). You can apply the cream to your penis enlargement 5 hours prior to sexual intercourse. We offer only original product in the Department.

To place an order

We offer you to get a cream Maxisize in the Department at {a 45-hour}. The official web-site, in Maribor (Slovenia) to determine the best pricing of the product is guaranteed originality. Order to deliver to Slovenia, has left the online application in the order form, fill in the fields with the name and phone number so the Manager took the order). We are waiting for the call Manager Will accept the order and pay at the reception. The cost of a delivery by the postman to your address may be different in other cities, pay for the order only after the receipt of the package (take a picture of the order at a reduced price for sending in a Department). The DISCOUNT of -50%!

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